Versetta Trim Stones


Versetta Stone panelized stone veneer trim and accessories add the detail that replicates the look of authentic stone masonry and craftsmanship.


Trim Stones & Keystones are available in a range of carefully chosen colors designed to complement, blend or contrast with virtually any stone and/or stucco treatment. They can also be cut or shaped to conform to any arch radius, offering tremendous design flexibility.

Light Fixture & Receptacle Stones are designed with a stone surface texture that can be used with virtually any Cultured Stone wall veneer. They even work well with cultured brick thin brick veneer, stucco and other exterior materials.

Tuscan Lintels are used to boldly trim out headers over windows and doorways. They’re the perfect way to take an exterior design to a whole new level.

Watertable Sill Stones are as functional as they are attractive. Specifically designed for use at the top of a stone wainscot or a variety of sill applications, they have the right pitch and a drip edge for water runoff.


Backed by a 50-year limited warranty including one-time transferability.

The structure and components are designed to effectively manage moisture by allowing water to be safely passed directly to the outside or through to the bottom of the wall system, which helps in preventing mold growth. Rigorous testing demonstrates that Versetta Stone® meets all current standards for masonry veneer products.