Shake Shingles


Shake Shingles are hand-crafted to bring out the look of real cedar shake to your home. Popular when used to accentuate the architectural aspects of your home or to side your entire house.


Alpha Shake Shingle Siding overlaps to stay flat and right for beauty and performance. There are no lines or meeting points so it produces a smooth and more pleasing finished appearance.

A superior nail hem adds substantial reliability to installations, even in winds exceeding 150 mph. Normal vinyl siding is made of a simple PVC resin. Alpha Shake Shingles are made with a propriety compound of the best materials, with each adding the following benefits:

  • Pure Strength PVC Resin gives Alpha Tri-Lock its basic strength and weather resistance.
  • Ti-Shield Titanium Dioxide from DuPont prevents ultraviolet degradation.
  • StayRight PVC Stabilizers help prevent heat degradation.
  • TrueShield Impact Modifiers give Alpha Tri-Lock exceptional impact resistance.
  • DesignersChoice Color produces uniform colors that go clear through the panel and never need sanding, staining or painting.

Richer colors that once faded are now possible thanks to the addition of Luran S ASA from BASF that improves both weather-ability and fade resistance. It also helps resist chemicals, dings and abrasions, meaning your vinyl siding stands up better against the forces of nature. Since Alpha siding is made with durable, weather resistant vinyl, just rinse occasionally with a garden hose to keep your new siding looking like new.

All homeowners have the option to include a fullback thermal support system with their Shake Shingle siding, which is sold exclusively by Alpha!

Alpha thermal wall provides energy savings and comfort, low maintenance, long-term look and feel of real wood, insect resistance, and superior wind and weather resistance. Its increased energy efficiency is just one benefit, it also increases impact resistance by more than 500% and is fire resistant. It fills out the profile of any siding and it also qualifies for an energy tax credit, unlike glued on insulation.

All Alpha insulation discourages the development of mold within the wall system because it provides a breathable blanket of insulation and will not trap harmful water vapor within the wall.