Bay Windows are a combination of windows that expand your room's horizons. It can be a picture window with casement flankers or a picture window with double hung flankers. Either way you will expand your limited wall space and reach out in to the world.


Alpha bay windows, like all of our windows, have slim lines to bring the outdoors in. Yet the units use compression seals to seal against the weather and sound transmission.


Alpha windows purchased and installed by Alpha come with a lifetime limited warranty. The warranty covers windows to be free of any defects in material and workmanship, excepting broken glass or screening.

  • Vinyl Sash Frame and Vinyl Mainframe combination profiles are warranted against cracking, warping, peeling, flaking, blistering or corroding.
  • Moving Parts of the Basic Window Unit including balances, brass wheels, and locking mechanisms are warranted against defects.
  • Fiber Glass Screening and Screen Frame are warranted against manufacturing defects resulting in rotting or rusting.
  • Insulating Glass Units are warranted against development of material obstruction of vision occurring from manufacturing defects, resulting from film formation or dust collection between interior glass surfaces, caused by failure of the hermetic seal.

In the case of an ownership change, you may transfer this warranty to the new owner at your request.