Harbor Blue Siding

All posts dedicated to pictures of harbor blue vinyl siding projects completed by Alpha Windows & Siding on Long Island, New York. Alpha Siding specializes in the installation of harbor blue siding.

Siding Contractor Baldwin

Siding Contractor Baldwin

Alpha Siding renovated this home in Baldwin with all new siding shakes and scallops. The front of the house was sided with harbor blue shakes, while the peak was accented with glacier white scallops. The rest of the house was finished with dutch lap style siding and all soffits & trim were finished in white. Along with the new elevation, this home should weather the Baldwin weather for many years to come!

Siding Company Long Beach

Siding Long Beach

Alpha Siding Company renovated this home in Long Beach with new vinyl siding. The front peaks were finished with harbor blue shakes, while the sides were finished with harbor blue dutch lap siding. All fascia and trim was finished and sealed in white. Choose Alpha if you’re looking for a siding company in Long Beach.

Windows & Siding Freeport

Replacement Windows & Siding Freeport

Here we replaced the windows and siding on this home in Freeport. The windows were first replaced with vinyl windows that contained prairie grids. Then we replaced the siding on the front with vinyl shakes, while the sides were completed with dutch lap siding. The color of the siding is Harbor Blue, while all of the trim and windows are white. This home is ready for the Spring.

Massapequa Park Siding & Windows

Massapequa Park Siding Windows

We replaced the siding and windows on this particular home in Massapequa Park. The windows were replaced with PVC extruded vinyl double hung windows and a sliding glass door in the rear. Then, the whole house was sided with harbor blue vinyl siding, with shake shingles in the front and dutch lap on the sides and rear. All accents, including the door, were finished in white to give this home two-color scheme.

Siding & Windows East Moriches

Harbor Blue Siding and Windows in East Moriches

Here we replaced all of the windows and siding on this home in East Moriches. All of the windows were replaced with double-hung windows and casement/picture windows. Afterwards, the siding was replaced around the whole home with dutch lap vinyl siding in Harbor Blue color. Accents such as trim, capping, soffits, corner-posts and mantels were done in white, except for the shutters. Overall, this home has a high energy efficient performance.

Vinyl Siding Replacement in Copiague

Harbor Blue Siding Project in Copiague

Here we replaced the old siding on this cape house in Copiague with new vinyl shake shingles in the front. The homeowner really liked the harbor blue color, so we sided the front with shakes and the sides with dutch lap vinyl siding. The homeowner also opted to accent the blue color of the siding with black paneled shutters. Overall, both of the colors with the white trim complement each other really well.

Vinyl Siding Replacement Project in Copiague

Lynbrook Siding & Windows Project

Siding Replacement Lynbrook Project

We replaced all the windows and siding on this home in Lynbrook. The windows were mostly double hung and they all featured 6/0 grid styles. These windows come with Low-E and Argon gas and are extruded from pure PVC.

Upon completion of the window replacement, the whole home was re-sided with Harbor Blue Dutch Lap siding and same color corner posts. Additionally, black shutters were installed and all fascia’s capped with white aluminum.

Harbor Blue Dutch Lap Siding Project